Client Testimonials

English is my second language, and whenever I required editing of a technical report, a paper, or a very important letter, I contacted Darlene. She has a special talent, not only finding the “needle in a haystack,” but also seeing the big picture in a document. She looks into the sentence structure, word choice, grammatical inaccuracies, and spelling mistakes. So far I have not found an English word to describe her talent; the closest is puzzle solver.”




“Wow Darlene, this is terrific work! You are talented and gifted. We graciously accept your offer of brainpower and eye for detail. We have many critical communications to do next year and we would like to continue to work with you. Thank you so much, this is terrific.”

Darcy Cuthill, Mission Yucatan



“Darlene was amazing at getting me started as a blogger. She set everything up, showed me how to use it, and is constantly finding ways to make it better. Her editing is fantastic. She really helps to create good writing habits and gives great insights into making your writing appealing for the reader. I couldn’t have asked for someone better.”

Nic B. (apologetic_guy blogger), Defending Truth Apologetics

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